Picosecond Laser Machine

The most powerful pigment and tattoo removal solution on the market.

Extraordinary Features

Versatile Treatments

  • Pigment Removal
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Skin Revitalization

Various Wave Lengths

High Peak Power

Shortest Pulses

360° Rotation
High Quality 45° Mirror Ensures Maximum Beam Transmittance (>95%)
Red Aiming Beam
Precision Targeting
1064nm - 532nm Wavelengths
Adjustable Spot Size 

How It Works?

Picosecond lasers utilize a very short pulse output which creates a mechanical shockwave, instead of the thermal effect predominantly used by traditional nanosecond lasers. Picosecond lasers use a mechanical shockwave to effectively "shatter" pigments into granular particles using more highly focused energy. These "shattered" pigmentations are then more easily absorbed and metabolized by the body. The picosecond laser minimizes the thermal side effects of traditional lasers and achieves the safe removal of all kinds of skin pigmentations and other issues.

Nanosecond Technology VS Picosecond Technology

Traditional Laser

Traditional nanosecond lasers predominantly rely on photothermal action, delivering heat to the pigment and surrounding tissue.

Picosecond Laser

Picosecond lasers take advantage of pressure wave technology to shatter the target ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body.

Safe, Effective and Reliable

Results from one treatment are equal to three treatments with a traditional laser.

Before and After Comparison

Product Detail

High Peak Power


Shortest Pulse Width

Top Hat Beam

Uniform distribution of energy means that each spot treated receives equal energy. There are no strong or weak points which ensures an effective treatment while preventing damage to normal skin.

User-Friendly Software System

Intelligent and Easy to Use Interface with  Preset Parameters and Self-checking System

Technical Specifications

Available Treatment Heads

  • 1064nm HP (Standard)
  • 650nm Dye Laser HP (Standard)
  • 585nm Dye Laser HP (Standard)
  • 532nm HP (Standard)
Product NameCVT-1003 Picosecond Laser
Wavelength1064nm/532nm (standard);
 585nm,650nm (optional)
Energy1500mj (1064nm)
 800mj (532nm)
Peak Power1064nm 1.33GW, 532nm 0.67GW
Zoom Spot Size2-10mm Adjustable
Pulse Width450ps
Light Guiding System7 Joints Arm
Aiming BeamDiode 655nm (Red)
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